Tired to have the same old food again and again in your everyday meals? Well, there are a lot of interesting dishes that you might not have tried out, but they can turn to be quite surprising. All you have to do is just note them down and cook these foods in a few easy steps! So why to worry when you have the idea of Crazy Food Ideas for your next meal!

I have quite a list for you today, and all you have to do is just note them down and cook these foods in a few easy steps! I have tried to incorporate dishes that you can take out too, for a small picnic or family get together.

Lets’ jump in –

Campfire Green Chili Cheese Fries:

Presenting a Campfire is probably the best thing that we all love to share when we are on a trip. Just carry everything you need for your campfire and along with potatoes and chili. You also need to get a stick and present the food in an aluminum foil so that it gets the heated properly. Chatter along with your family while munching on cheese fries.

Grilled Onion Bomb:

Now this is something you need to try, and the best part of having the Grilled Onion Bomb is that you can cook it in advance. It is just onion and some spices that make the taste of the food so scrumptious. All that you have to do is just grill it when you arrive at the destination!

Campfire French toast:

Another great idea for campfire food is the French toast. Sandwiches are fulling, and when it is grilled on natural fire, you can easily taste the spices and the smoky flavor. If you want something a bit more mystical tryout s’mores french toast. They are a bit complicated to make, but you can prep them before you leave.

Roasted Pineapple:

If there is something which I loved having while growing up in Texas was roasted pineapple. Now you can also have this authentic item if you are willing to have something natural and fresh for a desert.

Roast It Upside Down
Roast It Upside Down

Yes, a Roasted Pineapple can be hung upside down in a campfire or even grilled to make it roasted. The sweet and the roasted taste of the fruit is quite appealing for those of you like desserts.

Campfire Foil Wrapped Salmon:

Most of us nowadays are fond of Salmon. Well, when we get fresh and natural salmon in our home, we enjoy it! So why not take it outside with a campfire placed! But keep an aluminum foil so that the salmon does not catch fire instantly. Need to grill this slowly.

Campfire Pizza Logs:

Pizza is known to solve life problems and in my opinion having a pizza on a family picnic, is an excellent idea. Grab a few campfire logs and bake a pizza in them.

Peanut Butter Banana Rolls:

The Peanut Butter Banana Rolls is another desert that you can have after a heavy meal. You just need to have a few bananas, Chocó chips, and peanut butter spread. You can mix all the ingredients and then serve it! It is fast and looks perfect when you want something quick and tasty for dessert.

So gives these a try in your next outing and let me know how the experience was. I will be waiting for your comments.…