I have traveled a lot, and one of the primary reasons for that was to try out some different cuisine. This post will be the very first in my series of global cuisine and includes my seven favorites from various parts of the world.

I have personally tried them out multiple times, and if you get a chance to visit these countries, I highly recommend you to try them out.

1. Asado

The Argentine Asado has something special for all of us to have. Found in different flavors, shapes, and sizes, they all are a great combination for you to eat. It is slashes of meat which are processed in different forms, sizes, and flavors and sold in every Argentine store! It’s a must try if you visit the beautiful country of Argentina.

2. Kangaroo Loin

If you are in Australia, then the dish which you may find common in all the restaurants is Kangaroo Loin. Yes, it is a meat dish which is enjoyed by most of the people living all over that country and is also great in taste. The best part is that you may find the meat to be soft as well as juicy!

3. Italian Pizza

We all are common to the word Pizza in the 21st Century, but have you ever thought of having a Pizza from where it originates? Yes, Italian Pizza is great in taste with overloaded cheese on the flour dough! You can also add different meat toppings to the Pizza which make it colorful too.

4. Gol Gappa

If you are not aware of this Indian food, then this is one you must try. The Gol Gappa is a flour fried ball filled with a mixture of potato smash and spices. People enjoy the Gol Gappa in India by dipping it into the sour water and consuming it. You can find this dish at a very low price, and of course, you would love to have more and more of this.

5. Cheese Fondue:

If you are ever planning to visit Switzerland, then you must have the Cheese Fondue. This can be found in almost all the restaurants in Switzerland. They will serve you both cheese cubes and liquid cheese in a big bowl. The cheese is processed with different spices for you to enjoy!

Here is quick video which teaches you how to make one: –

6. Chocolate con Churros:

This authentic Spanish item is the love of all. It is a cup of hot chocolate which is added with con Churros to have a bite on! The people in Spain take the Chocolate con Churros, have a bite of it and then dip it in hot chocolate to enjoy the sweet crunching flavor.

7. Pad Thai:

If you are planning to visit Thailand, then do not forget to consume the Pad Thai! It is a very common food in Thailand which is delicious. The Pad Thai is prepared with both gravy and dry noodles along with 100% organic vegetables and meat! It is a great dish for you to enjoy!

Unfortunately, I don’t know the recipes for any of these but if you want you can read more about that on Google.

If you do try this at home, let me know about that in the comment section below.…