How to replace a Kitchen Faucet

Is your Kitchen Faucet not working properly anymore? Does it leak continuously? Or doesn’t provide you with adequate water pressure? All these problems might be occurring because your kitchen faucet has become damaged and you need to get it replaced for its proper functioning again. Thinking of calling a plumber? Hold on your horses’ people, replacing a kitchen faucet is easy and you can do it yourself. So, why not learn something new this time and replace your own kitchen faucet?

Trust me, it won’t take more than a couple of minutes. Here is what you need to do:

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  1. Determine your Kitchen Faucet type

The first thing to ask yourself would be that which type of kitchen faucet you have in your kitchen. This is important as this would help you in deciding on an appropriate kitchen faucet for yourself. You can either ask the salesman about this or do a little research yourself.

  1. Buy a good Kitchen Faucet for replacement

Once you know the type of kitchen faucet you presently have, you can decide whether you want the same type again or if you want to go for something different.  Here are some Copper chef reviews which can give your kitchen a good look, and help you in making good food.If you have a deep sink, you could go for a pull down kitchen faucet or if you have a smaller sink, then you could go for a pull out kitchen faucet. Apart from these two, there are several other faucet types which you could consider for your kitchen.

  1. Disconnect the water supply lines

Once you have your new kitchen faucet ready, you need to first turn off the water. This is important unless you want to spill the water everywhere and increase your workload. So, turn off the faucet, and disconnect the water supply lines. You will need to shut off the faucet valve line and then use a basin cock wrench to loosen the hot water and cold water supply line.

  1. Remove the faucet

Once the water is shut off, you can just unscrew the screw and the nut which keeps the faucet and its sprayer in place and pull these aside.

  1. Place the new Kitchen faucet

Now, take your new kitchen faucet and appropriate place it on the sink holes. If you have a soap container, then you can place it on the farthest hole and screw its nut and then put some putty around it to fix it into position.

Now, take your faucet’s escutcheon cover and take a considerable amount of putty and apply on its bottom. Now place this cover on the sink holes correctly. After this, you need to take your faucet and fix it inside this cover and ensure that the handle is facing the correct direction.

  1. Reassemble all the parts

After you have properly fit the faucet, you need to thread two screws into a threaded ring and slide your fiber wash, metal washer, and ring over the supply lines. You will need to screw them tightly to the threading shank. Now, tighten your soap container to the threading shank.

  1. Test the faucet

Now, turn on the water supply lines and test if your new faucet is working or not. If it is not, some readjustments might be needed else, your faucet is all ready to use now.…

7 different food items from around the world that you should try

I have travelled a lot, and one of the primary reasons for that was to try out some different cuisine. This post will be the very first in my series of global cuisine and includes my seven favourites from various parts of the world.

I have personally tried them out multiple times, and if you get a chance to visit these countries, I highly recommend you to try them out.

1. Asado

The Argentine Asado has something special for all of us to have. Found in different flavours, shapes and sizes, they all are a great combination for you to eat. It is slashes of meat which are processed in different forms, sizes and flavours and sold in every Argentine store! It’s a must try if you visit the beautiful country of Argentina.

2. Kangaroo Loin

If you are in Australia, then the dish which you may find common in all the restaurants is Kangaroo Loin. Yes, it is a meat dish which is enjoyed by most of the people living all over that country and is also great in taste. The best part is that you may find the meat to be soft as well as juicy!

3. Italian Pizza

We all are common to the word Pizza in the 21st Century, but have you ever thought of having a Pizza from where it originates? Yes, Italian Pizza is great in taste with overloaded cheese on the flour dough! You can also add different meat toppings to the Pizza which make it colourful too.

4. Gol Gappa

If you are not aware of this Indian food, then this is one you must try. The Gol Gappa is a flour fried ball filled with a mixture of potato smash and spices. People enjoy the Gol Gappa in India by dipping it into the sour water and consuming it. You can find this dish at a very low price, and of course, you would love to have more and more of this.

5. Cheese Fondue:

If you are ever planning to visit Switzerland, then you must have the Cheese Fondue. This can be found in almost all the restaurants in Switzerland. They will serve you both cheese cubes and liquid cheese in a big bowl. The cheese is processed with different spices for you to enjoy!

Here is quick video which teaches you how to make one: –

6. Chocolate con Churros:

This authentic Spanish item is the love of all. It is a cup of hot chocolate which is added with con Churros to have a bite on! The people in Spain take the Chocolate con Churros, have a bite of it and then dip it in hot chocolate to enjoy the sweet crunching flavour.

7. Pad Thai:

If you are planning to visit Thailand, then do not forget to consume the Pad Thai! It is a very common food in Thailand which is delicious. The Pad Thai is prepared with both gravy and dry noodles along with 100% organic vegetables and meat! It is a great dish for you to enjoy!

Unfortunately, I don’t know the recipes for any of these but if you want you can read more about that on Google.

If you do try this at home, let me know about that in the comment section below.…

Weird Food enjoyed by People Living in the Southern USA

The people of Southern USA have adopted a lot, created a lot and also have enjoyed a lot. They also have some weird taste in food that may surprise people living in other parts of the world. Even my friend who was born and raised New York tried the Southern Cusine, and was surprised by it.

Have a look at some of the weirdest Food enjoyed by People Living in the Southern USA and try one or two of those.

Alligator Sausage:

Now, what does the name suggest? Is it the meat of an Alligator? Well, it is exactly what you think. It is a large chunk of alligator meat that is barbecued. In Alabama, a lot of folks eat this with a glass of beer. If you are going to try it, I suggest you do some research on Alligator meat. You might be surprised. 😉


Salads may not sound that weird, but people from the south have a different way to eat them. They are loaded with spices and sauce, and almost every single one of them has potato.

Southern Salad

I have eaten salad in many parts of the world, but Tennesse easily has the most colorful salads on the planet. In the pic above you can see a Texas style salad with bread.

Loco Moco:

A hamburger with eggs, rice and gravy? Oh yes, it is a complete meal that you can have in a single dish! Originated from Hawaii, this dish is also enjoyed by a lot of people living in the Southern USA! Not that weird but scores high on the taste front.

Rocky Mountain Oysters:

Now this is something fascinating. You will pop one in the mouth, and you will probably ask for one more. But when you find out what they are, you might be a little surprised. Well, they are oyster testicles. This may sound weird AF, but there is no denying that the taste is something you will remember for a long time.

Kentucky Hot Browns

If you are fond of sandwich and turkey, then this is the best things that you can enjoy. With the Kentucky Hot Browns in your mouth, you can always enjoy the Mornay sauce and along with the bacon. It may sound little too weird but is appreciated by a lot of people in the South, give it a try my friend.

Chicken and Waffles:

Now this combination is very famous in the whole country and not only in the southern states. It is served on a plate with chicken fries, waffles, butter, and honey! People enjoy the cracking sound of the waffles and along with the smoky taste of the chicken.

My girlfriend loves to have this, and we are making waffles at least twice a week. I use the highly versatile kitchenaid professional 600 for this, but you can read stand mixer reviews, to choose one for your needs.


Koolickles are also famous in many parts of Southern USA. These Koolickles are jelly like pickles which are consumed after the meal. They are available in different flavors and are great in taste.

So this sums up my list for the weirdest food you can eat in Souther USA. If you have a personal favorite, tell me more about it in the comments below.…

Crazy Food Ideas for your next meal

Tired to have the same old food again and again in your everyday meals? Well, there are a lot of interesting dishes that you might not have tried out, but they can turn to be quite surprising. All you have to do is just note them down and cook these foods in a few easy steps! So why to worry when you have the idea of Crazy Food Ideas for your next meal!

I have quite a list for you today, and all you have to do is just note them down and cook these foods in a few easy steps! I have tried to incorporate dishes that you can take out too, for a small picnic or family get together.

Lets’ jump in –

Campfire Green Chili Cheese Fries:

Presenting a Campfire is probably the best thing that we all love to share when we are on a trip. Just carry everything you need for your campfire and along with potatoes and chili. You also need to get a stick and present the food in an aluminum foil so that it gets the heated properly. Chatter along with your family while munching on cheese fries.

Grilled Onion Bomb:

Now this is something you need to try, and the best part of having the Grilled Onion Bomb is that you can cook it in advance. It is just onion and some spices that make the taste of the food so scrumptious. All that you have to do is just grill it when you arrive at the destination!

Campfire French toast:

Another great idea for campfire food is the French toast. Sandwiches are fulling, and when it is grilled on natural fire, you can easily taste the spices and the smoky flavor. If you want something a bit more mystical tryout s’mores french toast. They are a bit complicated to make, but you can prep them before you leave.

Roasted Pineapple:

If there is something which I loved having while growing up in Texas was roasted pineapple. Now you can also have this authentic item if you are willing to have something natural and fresh for a desert.

Roast It Upside Down
Roast It Upside Down

Yes, a Roasted Pineapple can be hung upside down in a campfire or even grilled to make it roasted. The sweet and the roasted taste of the fruit is quite appealing for those of you like desserts.

Campfire Foil Wrapped Salmon:

Most of us nowadays are fond of Salmon. Well, when we get fresh and natural salmon in our home, we enjoy it! So why not take it outside with a campfire placed! But keep an aluminum foil so that the salmon does not catch fire instantly. Need to grill this slowly.

Campfire Pizza Logs:

Pizza is known to solve life problems and in my opinion having a pizza on a family picnic, is an excellent idea. Grab a few campfire logs and bake a pizza in them.

Peanut Butter Banana Rolls:

The Peanut Butter Banana Rolls is another desert that you can have after a heavy meal. You just need to have a few bananas, Chocó chips, and peanut butter spread. You can mix all the ingredients and then serve it! It is fast and looks perfect when you want something quick and tasty for dessert.

So gives these a try in your next outing and let me know how the experience was. I will be waiting for your comments.…